Inner Beauty

Physical beauty was not perfect, if not balanced with inner beauty. If at any time you feel interested to see a glimpse of a woman, that is what is called physical beauty. Beauty of this model can be reduced and may even over-hanging inner beauty she has. A woman who looks simple at first glance can be a very attractive woman when polished with inner beauty (in).Conversely, someone who was so physically beautiful can be very unattractive if not balanced beauty from within (inner beauty).

In order to beautify from the inside, you just need to run under this concept :

  • Believe confident that you are capable and worthy to be appreciated.
  • Extending intelligent insight by reading books and discussing with others.
  • The focus of the work and responsibility.
  • Wise responded to the situation.
  • Able to hold anger or not trying to hurt others
  • Caring clean themselves well.
  • Bathing regularly, at least two times a day.
  • Avoid body odor and bad breath.
  • Trying to stay fresh throughout the day and stay away from dirty impression.
  • Eating healthy and regular exercise to stay fit and fresh.
  • Spend time caring environment for others.
  • Do not assume that we live in isolation.
  • Began to learn to listen and understand others and nurture patience.
  • Smile smile is sincere worship.
  • Many grateful thanks to more up close and thank God for all the gifts and grace that has been given to us.


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