The types of blogging (english language)

 To post this time I akn discuss about the types of bloging. Everything I write is based from what I see and I feel. Maybe if fellow bloggers will add, I'd be happier. Here are the types of blogging: 
1.Blogging individual 
blogs like this is the kind of blog that contains therein about daily life or the owner's outpouring of the heart, usually blogs like this character as a diary but the difference this blog is the diary of a general rather than private as the usual diary. Hobbies Blog 

2.Blogging like 
this are usually filled with the ins and outs or any thing related to one type of hobby that owners love. I take the example of blogs that contain photos or editing the shots photgraper the owner. and another that smells like joy. Blog 
3.Blogging money 
like this we often find on search engines, the blogs listed on adsense and tried to remove postings that needed by Internet users. so much to visit their blogs. More and more visitors the more money in the can. 
4.All Blogging 
Where this blog overshadow all the above types of blogs that can terlampiaskan owner desires to blogging, blogging, and blogging. 

Perhaps such kinds of blogging that I caught, if you wish to add or make comments so I hope. thanks.



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