The story of the band in late 2009 Slank

Throughout 2009 was seven times Slank banned music events held. Nevertheless the vocalist, Kaka hope next year the release of their album to be promoted.
He said, in the year 2009 is said to not make Slank year. Since the beginning of the year they banned the election of reasons. At the end of the year the ban was a concert associated with Operation Candle.
Slank ban because of suspected support for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). According to Kaka, they are not sure if only because it supports the Police Commission then grabbed licensing Slank concert.
Banning concert a few times to make the band Slank the manager and parent of Bimbim, Ifet mother became upset.
According to Bimbim, Indonesia bedemokrasi'm learning. Should not because the election, then the ball and the concert was canceled. "We never filmed in Yogya, but are not given permission.Never ask basic laws where? We want art, but at that time to demo given aja ijin.Saya surprised, "he concluded.
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